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Jonathan Sharp - Divided Time - LP (COLOUR VINYL)

Jonathan Sharp - Divided Time - LP (COLOUR VINYL)

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Jonathan Sharp is a child of the seventies. For his new album, “Divided Time” he has managed to capture the dappled light of childhood memories of his time spent with parents who lived apart.

Says Jonathan, “I’m AM a child of the seventies, but a very lucky one. My father lived and worked in London and my mother lived in Cumbria. Most holidays were spent in London. It’s a period for which I have happy but hazy memories”

“Recently I found a cache of old photo albums from the period, mostly faded black and white pictures and Polaroids. “Divided Time” revisits the period between 1970 and 1977 and each track is inspired directly from a specific photograph from the photo albums. The record is my attempt to capture each one of those distant moments in music.”

Jonathan has created a beautifully haunting collection of pieces for this release. Written on pianos, with gorgeous, delicate electronics, once heard, “Divided Time” will stay with you, its gossamer magic rising to captivate you time and again. Comparisons have been made to Virginia Astley’s early piano led classic, “From Gardens Where We Feel Secure” and Mark Peters’ recent LP, “Innerland”.

Jonathan Sharp is renowned for his work with his hauntology project, The Heartwood Institute. He is a media composer and sound designer and has credits covering a wide range of film and TV works. “Divided Time” is the first part of an on-going project, with future releases moving on from 1977, taking in time spent in New York and then back again to London.
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