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Like the Eastern Dark, GOD are best known – for better or worse – for one killer single and a string of live shows that have assumed near-mythical status with the passing of time. But if you only know them for ‘My Pal’ then you are in for a surprise – the range of material on display here may not be quite what you expect.

GOD Double Vinyl Reissue LP features the seminal Melbourne band's 1987 mini-album Rock Is Hell and For Lovers Only (1989) together for the first time on full waxy goodness! "GOD was a giant exploding quagmire of a calamity of a band, but they had their bad days as well. At their best, which was neither live nor in the studio ? maybe it was during band meetings ? GOD sounded like a ten train smash-up in Tin Railroad Town, which was hilarious, because they were trying to encapsulate stadium rock at least half of the time and the "monster riffs" ? and they had those, and some sneakily grabby songs as well ? often sounded like a kids' playgroup had broken into the bottle recycling bin combined with that siren song of crap amps buzzing and wheezing you sometimes hear just before they blow up. You just looked at those guys, and even listened to them, and you just knew right away they were the coolest thing going ? a buncha hairy brat kids doing KISS meets punk, heads down and blasting away like a mining company that's just been given the green light on a few hectares of unexploited desert. Tim Hemensley, Joel Silbersher, Sean Greenway, Matty Whittle ? in the annals of rock history, these are names that will never mean anything to anybody, no matter how good they were in GOD or how much great stuff they recorded separately after they broke up. The annals of rock history are fucking stupid, that's why. Thanks to my telcom company sending me a magazine subscription I never wanted instead of cutting their prices down to something a human being might be able to afford, I just got a copy of Rolling Stone today. It eulogises all those great artists whose albums you supposedly rilly need to hear this year, dude. From the front cover photo of 2007's leading fat rock chick Jack White, through to the rock'n'revolutionary mobile phone ad on the back, there's not one single human gazebo in there who, in the broader artistic scheme of things, deserves to scratch the crust off GOD's underpants. There's only one album rock lovers need this year. That's GOD. Same as last year, only now it's on vinyl. Like Radar from "M.A.S.H." once said, "Put a new fang in your tone-arm cobra", and blast it today." -Leaping Larry L. 300 COPIES WORLD WIDE OF THIS ON DELUXE 2LP / GATEFOLD SLEEVE. WE HAVE 35 FOR UK SALES. 2CD VERSION IN STOCK ON AFTERBURN ALSO.


Headin' For The Id
Golly Wolly Golly Wolly Hoo Hoo Ha
Snake Charmer
Talkin' Rude On The Telephone
Blistered Mind
She's Hungry

Bone Dry
The Day They Buried Hemensley
Life's So Hard
Love You To Death

My Pal
A Man Without A Woman Is Like A Nun Without A Jackhammer
Rockin' Marky
Human Abbreviation
Magic Crayfus
Meat Cleaver Boy

Chockablock Rock 'n' Roll (Unabridged Version)
Rok Zombi
Worm Sweat
Tommy The Toilet
Real Cool Time (STOOGES)
Strutter (KISS)

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