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Deaf Wish - S/T LP

Deaf Wish - S/T LP

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Vinyl only release, includes download code
Limited edition of 500 green vinyl
10 track debut album, previously CD-R and 2011 vinyl issue - sold out
Sub Pop releasing 7”EP October 7th (USA), October 6th (Europe)
Touring USA Sept/Oct, incl. Gonerfest 11 (also played Gonerfest 8)

“There would be no cause to put up with this nonsense if Deaf Wish weren’t a band of such rare awesomeness — and if Deaf Wish sightings in a live setting weren’t such notoriously memorable chaos. You see, they are the finest blast of well-structured noise to emerge from Australia since Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Deaf Wish’s trajectory is as unpredictable as their music. They exist outside of time and space, but also some of them are in Melbourne. Don’t worry about it too much. Just tune into their magnificently decaying frequency and hope it’s not the last that you hear of them.” – Beverly Brian (MTV)

Deaf Wish began in a soggy West Melbourne rehearsal room in May 2007, standing around screaming and bashing through songs with one solid philosophy: 'go to feedback' when things fall apart. After a handful of rehearsals, they recorded 10 songs, released these on CD-R three days later and played two shows. Guitarist Sarah Hardiman then left for the UK and it looked like Deaf Wish would be one of those short-lived bands, playing a couple of legendary shows and disappearing. Thankfully for us, that wasn't the case.

Homeless was at those shows and VERY impressed, picking up a copy of the CD-R - unfortunately missing out on the Vomit Bag edition. A few years down the track, we expressed interest in issuing this self-titled album, even before Homeless existed as a label. Three years later and to coincide with Deaf Wish returning to the USA and the release of a brand new Sub Pop 7"EP (available Oct.7th), Homeless has crapped themselves in anticipation of reissuing that 10 track debut LP. The 22-date tour of the US throughout September/October sees Deaf Wish return for another appearance at Gonerfest 8 (2011), their previous onslaught regarded by many as a true highlight of the festival.

“Being in the same room as this band, live or on record, means being at the receiving end of all the convoluted rage, frustrations and insecurities they spew forth. Like any good punk band, there's no restraint in the savagery.”
- Lee Parker (The Thousands)

Deaf Wish are Sarah Hardiman (guitar, vocals), Nick Pratt (bass, vocals), Jensen Tjhung (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Twomey (drums).



A1. Green Flame (2:10)
A2. Take What You Want (1:32)
A3. Mum Gets Punched In The Face (1:53)
A4. Zen Arch-Ade (1:16)
A5. Make It Hurt (1:49)
A6. I Traded You (3:35)
B1. Mai Tai (1:30)
B2. Nerve Damage (2:38)
B3. Freeze The Sound (4:37)
B4. White Heat / Bikini (2:19)

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