Dalham - Heat Death - LP (GREY VINYL)

Arcade Sound



Following two releases on Public House Records, Jon Michaelides returns with the third DALHAM album - "HEAT DEATH".

“Heat Death” is a scorched earth set of pieces with a broad narrative - a concept album with follows the arc of a lifeform from its incipience, through to the peak of its developmental activities and onwards to the representation of the lifeform's inevitable decay. Says Jon, "The music is intended to sound scorched or sandblasted, exploring the sometimes violent aspects of creation and existence, whilst still allowing the light to shine through.” It’s a wonderful electronic record which whilst being incredibly accessible, has an unsettling anxiety at its core.

Jon explains “For this album, literature and art are just as strong an influence as any other music, and it was reading the likes of Stanislaw Lem, Aldous Huxley or viewing the reimagined worlds of Simon Stalenhåg that inspired some of the concepts and feelings behind "Heat Death". It’s an attempt to convey something about a plane beyond our immediate experience and perception.”

Jon grew up in the Suffolk countryside, but currently resides in London. A pianist since a young age, he started to produce electronic music following the aquistion of a relatively cheap synth bought on impulse. These first steps developed into an addiction to the “inspiring and rewarding” sound vistas available to him as an electronic musician and as the collection of equipment grew, so the Dalham project developed into a fully formed concern about three years ago. “Heat Death” is his most complete work to date and the one where he feels he is closest to achieving what DALHAM should be.

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