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Limited box set containing 6 vinyl, 3 CD's and on INITIALS ONLY, a FREE 7".

From 1990-1994, New York City’s Codeine were making somnambulant waves on a musical landscape reeling from Sub Pop’s better known exports. 1991’s 'Frigid Stars' LP, 1992’s 'Barely Real', and 1994’s 'The White Birch' received much critical praise upon release, but Codeine dissolved before any of that hype would carry Low, Bedhead, and the Red House Painters to international acclaim.

All three albums will be subjected to Numero’s notoriously elaborate packaging and detailed liner notes, including essays by Seam’s Sooyoung Park, Love Child’s Alan Licht, and the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd. The albums have been faithfully restored from the original masters, and are accompanied by a plethora of singles, demos, live recordings, and Peel sessions. 

This is the ultra deluxe box set of all three albums in a limited edition of 1000 copies. The box set comes with a 5' x 1' fold out poster of the band's complete discography and a tidy box that holds all three albums National Geographic-style. This extra limited edition also contains a bonus 7", featuring two songs recorded live at TT the Bear's Place in Boston by Bob Weston.

In support of this great undertaking, Codeine’s original line up of Stephen Immerwahr, John Engle, and Chris Brokaw will be reuniting for a handful of dates in the US and Europe, including All Tomorrow’s Parties in both London and Japan, and Primavera in Spain and Portugal.


Frigid Stars LP
Side A:
1. D
2. Gravel Bed
3. Pick Up Song
4. 3 Angels
5. New Year’s

Side B:
1. Second Chance
2. Cave-In
3. Cigarette Machine
4. Old Things
5. Pea

Side C:
1 Castle (SOS Demo)
2 Skeletons (SOS Demo)
3 Three Angels (SOS Demo)
4 Corner Store (SOS Demo)
5 Summer Dresses (SOS Demo)

Side D:
1 Pea (Acoustic)
2 Second Chance (Demo)
3 Pickup Song (Demo)
4 Cave-In (Demo)
5 Kitchen (SOS Demo)

Barely Real
Side A:
1. Realize
2. Jr
3. Barely Real

Side B:
1. Hard To Find
2. W.
3. Promise Of Love

Side C:
1 JR (Dessau Demo)
2 Hydroplane (Live)
3 Wird (Dessau Demo)
4 I Wonder (Dessau Demo)

Side D:
1 Tom (Dessau Demo)
2 A L’Ombre De Nous
3 Cracked In Two
4 Realize (Alternate Take)
5 Broken-Hearted Wine

The White Birch
Side A:
1. Sea
2. Loss Leader
3. Vacancy
4. Kitchen Light
5. Washed Up

Side B:
1. Tom
2. Ides
3. Wird
4. Smoking Room

Side C:
1 Median (Peel Session)
2 Loss Leader (Peel Session)
3 Sure Looks That Way (Peel Session)
4 D (Live)

Side D:
1 Atmosphere
2 Something New
3 Ides (Demo)
4 Smoking Room (Demo)

Bonus 7":
Pickup Song (Live)
New Year's (Live)

Additionally, A CD Of The Same Material Will Accompany Each Album, Packaged In A Manner That Is Respectful Of The Object - Not Just Thrown In As An Afterthought.

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