Carlton Melton - Smoke Drip LP

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Release Date: 25th June 2012

Format: CD

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT015


Superb avant-psyche drone from Carlton Melton, who are joined on all three lengthy tracks by legendary top psychonaut John McBain. An aural trip to the third eye!

Limited edition 3 track 12" from Carlton Melton, side one is "Adrift", a 19 minute psychedelically enhanced drone that peaks and dips like the most tripped out journey... once again recorded at the Dome, Carlton Melton take their organic psych-jam to the highest plane.

On the flip are two more tracks that further the 'Melton's Magick Karpet ride.. "Smoke Drip" is exactly how you imagine a song called that might sound... and "Against The Wall" also hammers home their righteous blend of aural delight.

Fans of Bardo Pond, The Heads, Bong etc take note... 500 only / 200 only for UK.

On Clear vinyl wrapped in a sweet sleeve and an inner bag...


Track Listing:

1. Adrift

2. Smoke Drip

3. Against The Wall

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