Bill Callahan - Live at Third Man Records - LP

Arcade Sound



Bill Callahan, fka Smog, is simultaneously a staple of strange American country, lo-fi, folk and independent music. His lyricism comes across as challenging and deeply autobiographical, equal parts "poetry leaning on true-to-life darkness" and "three chords and the truth."
So, it is fitting that Callahan’s live set would command the same sense of friendliness-with-difficulty that the recorded songs do. With brief, candid, and charming interludes between older and newer material, an outsider can hear that this performance was obviously a full-bodied (and multi-era) engagement, no space left for distraction.
The full album is an experience; make it one you look after. 

Track List

1. Spring
2. Jim Cain
3. Ride My Arrow
4. One Fine Morning
5. Drover
6. Riding For The Feeling

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