Antoni Maiovvi's Time Precinct - British Interrail EP - (GREEN VINYL)

Arcade Sound



Antoni Maiovvi will need no introduction as an originator and innovative leading light in the fields of Giallo Soundtracks and dark, sinister disco. He has amassed a massive fanbase and has a fantastic discography stretching all the way back to his first releases in 2008. Currently residing in The Hague, Bristolian Anton Maiof makes music that is beautifully dark, yet wonderfully uplifting. His “British Interrail” EP is his first release for Castles in Space since the long sold out “British Summer/Russian Winter” double 7”.

Anton delivers a beautiful sequence of frosty electronic disco tracks on the 30+ minute E.P. release, “British InterRail”. Written and produced in The Hague between 2017 and 2019, these tracks bring together some of Anton’s most stirring work executed with his usual affecting and direct production. Fantastic stuff.

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