Electric Eels - (I'm So) Agitated 7"

Electric Eels


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A special repressing of the classic debut single from the Electric Eels, in a facsimile of the original sleeve, and with 300 being pressed on red vinyl edition for Record Store Day 2010: Agitated Records was pretty much blown away when the Electric Eels camp agreed for this to happen, and thus decided it made a perfect RSD release. the single itself is 35 years old this year, and still blows away most of anything released since, the sound of amps crackling, the feral vocals, and just an attitude that few have neared. Iits possibly the most wild blast of punk rock ever, raw, visceral, its simply one of the greatest singles of all time, its what inspired the label to be called Agitated, and its by the Electric Eels, artrock meets volume and they didn't care if they accidentally invented punk rock the perfect opening to a record ever the desperate scream of desolation and desperation.. never bettered.

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