Carlton Melton - Pass It On CD

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The Dreaded Press (Rock and Metal Music Webzine) by the editor 15-07-2010

Opening up with a roaring rocket-plume cover version of Pink Floyd’s “When You’re In”, Pass It On is pure space-rock psyche, recalling the classic progenitors like Hawkwind and Steve Hillage as well as the more stretched-out lava-lamp moments of more recent brain-chemistry bon-vivants….

To put it more simply, this is weed-smokin’ music at its very best, perfect for an afternoon with the windows open to the sunny sky and muted noises of the world outside, your ears full of lush sticky audio brain-treacle and your lungs full of something the government doesn’t approve of….

if you like psychedelic wig-out jams and wide-screen instrumental weirdness that layers on the effects with the proverbial builder’s trowel, then you’re gonna dig Carlton Melton‘s vibe in a big way… take a hit and Pass it on.


Track Listing:

1. When You're In

2. Found Children

3. Off The Grid

4. Diggin' In (F.F.Shite)

5. Sequoia

6. Drizzle

7. Against The Wall

8. Star Of Hazel


Release Date: July 27th 2010

Format: CD

Genre: Psychedelic/Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT002CD

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