Arcade Sound Best of 2022

Arcade Sound Best of 2022

Arcade Sound Best of 2022

With far too many excellent releases to choose from this year, we had a hard time limiting it to just 10! But here, in no particular order, are 10 of our favourites.

Have a browse of the whole collection here.


Osees - A Foul Form

Castle Face Records

"Brain stem cracking scum-punk
recorded tersely in the basement of my home.
After a notoriously frustrating eon the knee-jerk song path was aggressive and hooky.
This is an homage to the punk bands we grew up on."

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy

Ancient Grease Records

"The first ever official reissue of one of the rarest U.S. private press rock grails, with only 54 copies initially circulated in 1971 as a demo. Featuring the Pittsburgh power trio's full story and photographic history."

The Soundcarriers  - Wilds 

Phosphonic Records

"Eschewing fads and trends that come and go, they have instead focused on honing their own sonic world that glides between woozy psychedelia, immersive grooves, subtle pop and rich, enveloping soundscapes. On their own terms and on their fourth album, Wilds, they return after seven years since their last."

The Prize - Wrong Side of Town

Anti Fade Records

"The Prize are Melbourne’s hottest new addition, a breath of fresh air and a shot in the arm. Figuring out a way to jam and write songs in between rules and restrictions, The Prize landed on a blend of power pop and rock and roll that's equal parts brains and bravado.

Rival Consoles - Now Is

Erased Tapes Records

"‘Now Is’ marks a new chapter in an ongoing quest for refinement and evolution. More playful and melodic, the album draws from much experimentation in minimalist songwriting and seamlessly blends synthesisers and acoustic instruments."

Hell Fire - Reckoning

Riding Easy Records

"Reckoning is Hell Fire's 'Master of Puppets', their 'Number of The Beast', their 'Defenders Of The Faith'. From the very first notes of the album opening title track, you can feel a vital new energy and inspiration to their music."

Flying Mojito Bros - Greatest Hits (1970 - 1983)

Flying Mojito Bros

"Cult DJs/producers Flying Mojito Bros have pressed a super-limited double compilation of their most celebrated releases to date plus an exclusive new track. Known as the go-to guys for reworking all things Classic Rock and Cosmic Country"

Porton Porton Lopez - Ice Cream Soufi


"Although an instrumental record, this album is as joyous as some of the most rambunctious and rowdy pop albums you’re ever likely to hear."

Kelley Stoltz - The Stylist

Agitated Records

"Thankfully, after 23 years the beat goes on... and no matter what style Stoltz chooses, "The Stylist" is another platter of tuneful delight in the impressive catalog of one of the great songwriters of our time."

Harkin - Honeymoon Suite

Hand Mirror Records

"Recorded in a one bedroom flat in the depths of UK lockdowns, the songs on ‘Honeymoon Suite’ are a blend of love, grief, anxiety, resilience, danger, heartbreak and hope. Part pop record, part electronic soundscape, part interior still life"

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